Amuse Set 5pcs with slate plate

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5-piece serving set with slate plate for dessert, appetizer AMUSE GEULE. Extensive amuse set for appealing and bite-sized serving of various small delicacies. With this Amuse Set you serve your guests small culinary delights of various kinds appealing and stylish. Ideal for appetizers, desserts, desserts & finger food. Heavy quality of real slate. At parties and parties appealing to the eye and the palate. Material: porcelain, stainless steel, slate stone. Square slate board (about 15 x 15 cm) with rubber mats. Small glass for starters (about 8 cm high and 5.5 cm in diameter). Small bowl for starters (about 3.3 cm in height and 7.2 cm in diameter). Large spoon made of stainless steel for appetizers (about 12.5 cm in length). Small wooden spoon for appetizers (about 8.9 cm in length). TIP: Polished occasionally with olive oil, the plates retain their noble luster.


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